It's Never Enough

Cynthia Moore definitely delivers a delightful Regency romance with this lovely short story. I was taken on a whirlwind in such a short amount of time and yet not once did I feel as if I were missing anything, in fact I was quite surprised when the adventure was over and immediately wanted to read it again. Selina was such an endearing character, I couldn't help but feel invested in her relationship from the very start. She had me giggling one moment and feeling heartbroken along with her the next. I couldn't help but want to hit Robert in the back of the head but I also found myself wanting to give him a comforting hug. His misguided actions were done for all the right reasons but I still wondered just what the heck he was thinking. I loved the supporting characters they added depth to the story and easily won me over so much so that I cannot wait to see many of them get their own staring rolls. I can highly recommend this is one if you're looking for a swift and sweet historical romance.

It's Christmastime but Lady Selina Durwood definitely does not feeling like celebrating. Lord Robert Crestor has broken her heart when he released her from their unofficial agreement before heading off to war. He had hoped to protect her but now that he has returned he cannot help but regret his actions. It's the season of miracles, will Selina get hers?

Book Blurb for It's Never Enough

Lady Selina Durwood has been in love with Lord Robert Crestor since she was a young girl. As the years passed by and their relationship matured, it was assumed by all who knew them they would eventually marry. But before leaving to join the fight against Napoleon, Robert releases her from any such agreement.

Invited to spend the Christmas holidays with her parents at Robert’s family’s estate, Selina agrees to attend believing Robert is still stationed with his cavalry in Brussels. But upon entering the kitchen with her maid for a late-night meal, she unexpectedly encounters Robert.

Through his strange questions and behavior, it becomes clear to Selina that Robert is quite confused about her feelings for him. Will she be able to convince him that he is the only one for her? With a little help, she just might.

A Blush® Regency romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2015 4.00