It Started with a Contract

Curvy Women Wanted Book 2

Sam Crescent is the go to for hot curvy gal romance and this story sets the sheets on fire. The premise of this one seems oh so naughty but Hadley Green is such a sexy, girl next door type of woman that I had no trouble believing how she could find herself in this type of situation. Easton Gray could have come across as all kinds of kinky and domineering but instead he proves he is just a busy man who knows what he wants and ends up getting it by rather an unconventional manner. He makes no apologies for his Alpha male tendencies and over the top demands and while in some men and some scenarios this would be thoroughly off putting. With Easton in works. And as he comes to terms with his feelings I liked that I understood him more. Watching Hadley struggle with her hormones and her feelings of selling herself had me torn because I could see how easily she could have come to the desperation she found herself in. I enjoyed this undeniably connected couple coming to terms with what they had found with one another. This was a short, hot read that absolutely left me smiling.

The Story: Hadley Green is desperate for a job, so desperate she shows up for a want ad interview failing to read the fine print. Easton Gray places an ad on a drunken whim to hire a curvy woman to be at his beck and call and when Hadley shows up he can't believe his luck. Can this arrangement turn into something more than either was looking for?

Book Blurb for It Started with a Contract

Hadley Green is desperate and needs a job, so when she sees an advertisement in the newspaper, she immediately gets an interview, without bothering to check the fine print of what it means to be at the beck and call of a very wealthy, very sexy man.

All of his life Easton Gray has liked fuller, curvy women. He’s a busy man, and he’s not interested in wining and dining women. So he turns his best friend’s advertisement idea into a reality, never for a second believing it would actually work.

The moment Easton sees Hadley, he knows he wants her, and he’ll do anything to keep her. At first, Hadley is not interested in being a plaything for this man, but then, she is desperate. This is better than being left homeless. She accepts, and finds herself yearning for more than the man’s body. She’s yearning for his heart as well.

Will Hadley be able to go from being owned to being taken? From sex to love? Anything is possible in this short, sweet, and dirty romance.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2017 4.00