Island Bride

Places To See Collection, #2

Danica Winters offers up a swift and sweet romance with this contemporary short. Amy was easy to understand even though I couldn’t understand her inability to vacation. I loved how flustered she became by the sexy elevator operator. I don’t want to give anything away but I myself fell for him at the first smile so it was easy to understand just how swiftly Amy could as well. The swiftness of the story and the sequence of events are perfect, I will admit that the ending was a little abrupt but then again everything happened fast so it wasn’t too uncharacteristic for the story. I have thoroughly enjoyed the stories I read in this series and it is nice to come across some sweet contemporary romances. If you are looking for a sweet break from your every day this is a great choice.

The Story:

Amy Oliver is a definite workaholic who truly needs a vacation but even a final promise to a deceased friend isn’t enough to get her to stop and relax so she compromises and books a wedding in New Zealand. But life gets in the way and forces her to step back for at least one day. Will she take the opportunity to rethink her life and refocus her future?

Book Blurb for Island Bride

Wedding planner to the rich and famous, Amy Oliver isn't the kind of woman to take a break even when on a vacation. No, business first and then comes pleasure-or maybe not-she’d have to check her schedule.

The only solace Amy ever finds comes from the pages of books and her friends within her book club, but when they lose one of their members they decide to check traveling off of their bucket lists. When Amy selects to take a once-in-a-lifetime adventure to New Zealand, she finds herself using the trip to put her career first. But when life gets in the way of her work, she is forced to decide whether to follow the path of least resistance or forge a new path--a path that may lead to heartache as easily as love. What is a driven woman to do?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2015 3.50