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Jenni Bradley introduces a fantastic new addition to the sleuthing world. Skye Briggs is a wonderful mixture of confidence and self doubt. She is so easy to relate to, especially when she’s making clumsy impressions on her boss. I loved watching her skate the line between keeping professional and letting her desire for the sexy owner of Donovan Investigations out. I enjoyed seeing her career advance right in front of me, going from easy run of the mill cases to taking on a major case of her own. The behind the scenes look at how much research and background work was involved fascinated me. Instead of making it boring it showed how in-depth an investigator has to be. The story had just the right balance of mystery, adventure, suspense, romance and humour. I cannot wait to see what case Skye lands next.

The Story: Skye Briggs has definitely paid her dues when it comes to her new career as a private investigator. She’s been the office administrator, then moved on to the typical cheating spouse. Now she has her first big missing person case. But someone doesn’t want her digging up the past. But she isn’t going to let that stop her or will she?

Book Blurb for Intuition

Cheating husbands, a missing girl, and a newly instated private investigator. Skye Briggs has worked some pretty interesting jobs before, but nothing compared to working for Donovan Investigations. Tailing cheating husbands isn’t as glorified as you’d think. When her boss hands her a cold case, she immediately has high hopes for solving the mystery.

Skye has busted her butt, trying to prove to her boss that she has what it takes to become an equal team player. However, this case is about to test her far beyond what she thinks she is capable of.

The deeper that Skye digs, the more dangerous the case becomes. Underlying forces do not want the past dug up. Some secrets should stay buried. Skye will have to fight back with everything she has if she wants to come out alive.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2018 4.00