In Bed With Mr. Perfect

Heidi Lynn Anderson makes us sweat in a deliciously erotic way with this fantastic contemporary romance. Okay, I will admit it, I secretly love reading stories when friends become lovers, let’s just say I have some unresolved relationship issues of my own, but I find I’m also very judgemental where these relationships are concerned. This couple is amazingly believable as best friends turned to lovers. I loved how the reader gets to see the insights in to both of their feelings. As a curvy gal myself I felt an immediate connection with Ann and completely understood her dependence on support garments. I truly believe I lost my heart to Joe. He is just so darn genuine and darn near perfect. His anger at any slight towards Ann made my heart swell and his jealousy was so sweet. I enjoyed the fact that while Ann was a curvy girl Joe knew that she was also active and healthy. I cannot wait to read the next story by this author because if those characters are half as entertaining as these ones it will be well worth it. If you are looking for a scorching hot romance that leaves the reader and the heroine feeling good then this is it.

Ann Griffin and Joe Mathews are roommates, business partners and best friends. Both are content with the relationship they have yet they want so much more and after a crappy date leads Ann home early things heat up at home. Each of them has been lusting for the other for over a decade and tonight they give in to the fantasies. Now can Joe convince Ann that they can have everything with each other?

Book Blurb for In Bed With Mr. Perfect

Curvy Ann Griffin has a secret—she’s in love with her longtime best friend and business partner Joe Mathews. After suffering through a date from hell—which definitely wasn’t worth putting on her strangling shapewear for—Ann heads home. How was she supposed to know the night would end with her throwing herself into his arms and allowing him to fulfill her every fantasy?

What’s a guy to do when the woman he loves kisses him senseless? Go with it, that’s what. For more than a decade, Joe has fought back his needs for the voluptuous beauty. In his mind, the only thing missing in their relationship was the ability to explore every inch of her luscious body.

Although sleeping with Ann could destroy everything they have, Joe won’t allow that to happen. He knows they’re made for each other. Now he only needs to convince her.

A Romantica® contemporary BBW erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2013 4.00