If the Duke Demands

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If the Duke Demands

Capturing the Carlisles, #1

Anna Harrington takes readers on a fantastic adventure with this beautiful historical romance. Miranda is one of the most delightful and engaging heroines I've come across in some time. I couldn't help but cheer her on, not that she needed any encouragement from me or anyone else. I loved that she went after exactly what she wanted in such an unconventional way. She didn't let anything stand in her way, even her own inhibitions. Sebastian is a complex hero and while there were moments he made me extremely frustrated he was a perfect match for Miranda. Watching the two of them and knowing where their relationship was going it was a treat to watch how they reacted to one another. I especially enjoyed the shared history these two shared and how that relates to their present circumstances. Each and every character in the story moves the story along, enhances the leading couple and entertains. The settings are wonderful, with just the right amount of description not to overshadow the action or the characters. I loved this story and I cannot wait to see Sebastian's brothers get their very own stories.

The Story: Miranda has decided the time is right to convince the man she loves that she is the one for him but when her outrageous plan backfires and she finds herself in the wrong Carlisle brother's bedchamber. Sebastian can't believe the woman before him is his childhood friend and he decides to help her win over his brother. But what if the wrong room was the right one after all?

Book Blurb for If the Duke Demands

The first book in Anna Harrington's new sexy Regency trilogy about the Carlisle brothers--three unrepentant rakes who become respectable gentlemen when family tragedy strikes.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2017 4.50