If Ever I Should Love You

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If Ever I Should Love You

The Spinster Heiresses, #1

Cathy Maxwell entertains, enlightens and educates with this delightful Regency romance. I'm a sucker for unique characters and Leonie Charnock is one of the most interesting leading ladies I have ever come across. She is strong, stronger than even she knows. Her struggles and her past only prove that she is indeed capable of anything she puts her mind to. The Earl of Rochdale is so much more complex than he first appears. The more I discovered about him and his circumstances the more I couldn't help admiring him. I love that this store delved into some dark and sad subject matters but did so while still providing some absolutely wonderful entertainment. The settings were detailed and beautifully described without being overbearing and the various supporting characters added a depth to the story and helped reveal aspects of the lead couple. I cannot wait to see Leonie's friends and perhaps Rochdale's sister get their own happily ever afters. If you are looking for a stunning story with substance and satisfaction this is a fantastic choice for any historical romance lover.

The Story: The new Earl of Rochdale has not only inherited a title but it seems he's been saddled with a mountain of debts, the only solution - marry an heiress. Leonie Charnock's father can buy anything he wants and he wants to buy his daughter a title no matter that she doesn't want it. Soon the two agree to a union and hope their past can bring them together for their future.

Book Blurb for If Ever I Should Love You

Once upon a time there were three young ladies, who, despite their fortunes, had been on the marriage mart a bit too long. They were known as “the Spinster Heiresses” . . .

He’s inherited a title, but not a penny to speak of, so the Earl of Rochdale knows he must find a wife—preferably one tolerably pretty and good-tempered, but definitely wealthy, and who will exchange her fortune for his family name.

His choice: Leonie Charnock, one of the season’s “Spinster Heiresses.” Years before, the earl had saved the dark-eyed beauty’s reputation and she is still breathtakingly lovely, leading Rochdale to hope that their marriage will be more than in name only.

However, Leonie doesn’t want to be anyone’s wife. Nearly destroyed by the secrets in her past, Leonie agrees to their union with one condition: there will be a wedding but no bedding. But it’s a condition the new Countess Rochdale isn’t sure even she can keep. . .

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2017 4.00