I Will Not Run

Elizabeth Preston pens a gritty romantic suspense story that intrigues from the first page. This is a tale of a sadistic man, revenge and abuse. While the characters and situations were vivid and the setting was fantastic with just enough amount of local flair to entertain and not overwhelm, I had a very hard time connecting to the characters, especially the heroine. I just couldn't get beyond the question of why did she marry her husband who was just awful, and how could she stay with him. It truly did grab my attention from the beginning but I have always been more about my feeling of connection with the characters and I'm sorry to say I just did not feel invested in whatever happened to Winter or Dom for that matter. The story was loaded with twists and turns and was chilling and compelling and if you are a fan of a good dose of terror with your romance this is no doubt a fabulous choice. The writing is fast-paced and fabulous and I truly feel bad that I just could not enjoy this story more.

Winter's husband Bruno, a steroid dealer is a horrible man and while she has made up her mind he has to die she knows that she has no choice but to be careful around such a dangerous man. She has been careful to keep her feelings to herself and play the dutiful wife but when her first love enters into the picture she finds it harder and harder to stick with the plan.

Book Blurb for I Will Not Run

Winter has made up her mind: she will kill her husband. Out of necessity, his death must be long and slow and blame-free. Problem is, as Bruno is dying from steroid poisoning, he will become even more irrational and dangerous. There is much that could go wrong with her plan, but no matter what happens, she will not run. She owes her sweet dead sister that, at least.

Winter’s husband, Bruno, is one of Australia’s wealthiest steroid dealers. Believing that his wife is up to no good, he lays a trap to test her loyalty, and dark family secrets emerge.

When Winter’s former lover, Dominic, a forensic psychiatrist, enters into this turbulent mix, the results are both passionate and catastrophic.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2015 3.00