How to Date a Dragon

Ashlyn Chase proves that where there is a spark there’s a fire with this fabulously fun paranormal romance. Bliss Russo is the type of spunky heroine I adore. I love sarcasm and I’d love to have a stockpile of her Hall-Snark Greeting Cards. We meet her at her must vulnerable and yet I never once felt sorry for her because she is quite capable of landing n her feet. Oh my goodness what can I say about the hottie fireman hero? What can’t I say – he’s perfect a sexy man who runs into burning buildings when everyone else is running out. Let’s just admit that I have a thing for these heroic men and Drake Cameron is a prime example. The fact that he is a dragon just makes him all the more alluring. The chemistry between these two is amazing, and Bliss is no wilting flower so it was nice to see her act on their attraction. The supporting characters add to the enjoyment and understanding of this story and the setting is superb. I’ve always wanted to visit Boston and I’m not new to this series so it was fun catching up with some characters from the first book. I highly recommend you read this series, the author entertains with a voice that makes reading her stories pure pleasure. It’s like spending time with your favorite friends.

Bliss Russo has never had a problem seeing the funny side of life but just as she is completing her own Hall-Snark Greeting Card designs for a major television competition she loses everything when her apartment building catches on fire and there’s nothing to laugh about. But her dreams haven’t necessarily gone up in smoke, enter hottie fireman Drake, a dragon shifter who is smitten by the derisive designer. Can Drake Cameron give up his hopes of continuing his family legacy and even if he does will human Bliss survive the paranormal pitfalls of a scorned dragon?

Book Blurb for How to Date a Dragon

Sure, the fireman who saved Bliss Russo from her burning apartment building was a major hottie, but her computer and all her designs for Hall-Snark Greeting Cards went up in smoke! With a major design competition just weeks away, and her relentless family nagging her to find a husband, Bliss needs every last second to build back her portfolio.

Drake Cameron, the dragon shapeshifter who came to Bliss's rescue, can't stop thinking about the woman he saved. But she disappeared without a trace, and now he has no way to find her. If he could just track her down, he's sure he could win her heart.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 5.00