His Sea Goddess

Book four in the Goddess Revealed series.

Marisa Chenery spawns a nautical novella of myth, magic and molten attraction. This short story is an enchanting break from the everyday mundane. Jarrett is a sexy and sweet hero and Hatmehyt is endearingly naïve while still being convincingly ageless. Their immediate connection while swift is credible and authentic; their heat level is off the charts. The wonderful description of her underwater dwelling was fascinating. I could almost feel cocooned in its safety, surrounded by the bright pillows and the warm fire while being lulled by the sounds of the pool entrance. I was expecting more Egyptian deities and details but for the story length this was a forgivable omission. I also wish I knew a bit more as to why Jarrett and his brother are estranged I understand the need for his character to not have tight family connections but for curiosity sake I'd like to know just what happened. Overall this was a sweet escape.

Jarrett has traveled from the cold winter of Toronto to the warm Red Sea in Egypt. His sole plan is to spend his time relaxing and diving while exploring the local reefs. A dolphin rescues him from a shark attack, but this is no ordinary sea mammal, Hatmehyt, an Egyptian goddess is drawn to him as her mate. She cannot live on land and mortal Jarrett cannot live with her forever. When the shark bite threatens his life she has to let him go in order to save him.


Book Blurb for His Sea Goddess

Length: Quickie

After a near miss with a shark while diving in the Red Sea in Egypt, Jarrett is rescued by a dolphin and unwillingly dragged to an underwater chamber. But it isn’t just any dolphin. Wounded and unsure of his surroundings, Jarrett watches in awe as the dolphin shifts into a beautiful woman he is unable to resist.

Hatmehyt, an Egyptian goddess, was drawn to the man swimming near the reef while in her dolphin form, but soon realizes Jarrett is her mate. Unable to thrive on land, she has to make the painful choice to either keep him with her or let him go to the surface when the shark bite he received threatens his life.


Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 3.75