His Curvy Woman

Curvy Women Wanted Book 5

Sam Crescent delights with this sexy short story. Ace Heart is the kind of bad boy hero women dream of. The type of bad boy who is really a good guy! Trixie Dean is a good girl who has finally decided to stop living the life she'd never planned for herself. She wants to see what it really is she wants and I couldn't help but admire her for that. She definitely didn't take the easy way out and it cost her some problems. But she is strong and is dealing with the fallout of her decision. I loved how well these characters were developed especially for a shorter story. It was interesting to see the relationship between Ace and his mother and I was so grateful to get the insight into his feelings for Trixie. I enjoyed the fact that this story was so heartfelt, yet full of heat I've come to expect from this combination when it comes to this author. I was not disappointed. I love my romances with curvy heroines and Trixie is a leading lady with doubts and yet she doesn't let them stop her from moving forward. I couldn't help but admire her. So if you are a fan of big beautiful ladies and the alpha men who love them, this one is a great choice for you.

The Story: Trixie has always been the good girl. She's followed the path laid out for her by her parents. She has the perfect job and is about to marry the perfect man, but she just can't do it. Making the decision to get a tattoo leads her to working for the bad boy she had a crush on in school. But can that really be lust she is seeing in his eyes?

Book Blurb for His Curvy Woman

Ace Heart has always been the bad boy. Women have fallen at his feet, begging for him, but he has only ever wanted one girl. Throughout high school, he watched her from afar but never got close. His time to claim her as his own passed, and she moved away. Three years ago, though, she came back, and she’s now working for him. He can’t hold back any longer. It’s been too long, and he intends to claim this curvy woman for himself.

All of her life Trixie Dean has done what her parents wanted. She was the model student, the perfect daughter. But when her parents tried to get her to marry their “perfect guy”, everything fell apart. Trixie wanted to do something for herself. She started with getting a tattoo, and one thing led to another, until finally, she got the job working for Ace Heart.

Ace wants to claim Trixie for his own, and Trixie wants to belong to him in every single way that counts. Can she fight off the demons of her past, or will she be forever lonely? Can Ace prove to her that his curvy woman is worth fighting for?


Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2017 4.50