Hidden in Pages

Laura Briggs gives her readers a whirlwind adventure with this brisk and brief inspirational exploit. Adelle Bradbury is an endearing heroine who has more courage and resourcefulness than expected and I enjoyed watching her practicality turn to passion. I believe that even very straight-laced librarians such as the heroine want to be swept up into an exciting adventure with a mysterious handsome stranger. You couldn’t ask for a more enigmatic hero and yet he is so appealing that I can’t blame Adelle for falling so fast as I found myself tumbling right along with her. I loved the pace of this story, I was so afraid to blink everything was happening so fast and I completely understand how the usually meek and modest young woman could get carried away so fast. I loved the premise of secrets lost treasures being found in books, such a great reason for everyone to read! This was a sweet story that I can see myself reading again and again dreaming up more activities for Adelle. The descriptions were beautiful and I look forward to seeing what other action packed options this author has available.

In what seems like the blink of an eye reserved librarian Adelle Bradbury is embroiled in an adventure of historic significance. But there are people who want the profit and glory all for themselves. Not a fan of adventure in her books and definitely not in her life she is drawn in by a modern day treasure hunter looking for a hidden map inside a book in her possession. Before she knows it she’s dodging bad guys and bullets. The treasure might not be the only thing she discovers when true love seems to be her ultimate destination.

Book Blurb for Hidden in Pages

Adelle Bradbury doesn’t like adventure—in books or real life. As a quiet librarian who hides behind reading glasses, she doesn’t expect to be swept into a dangerous mission to recover one of the world’s most famous lost treasures. But that’s exactly what happens when a mysterious history buff enlists her help to recover a treasure map—A map he insists is concealed in one of the library’s old books, its contents revealing the secret location of King Solomon’s missing wealth. Suddenly, mild-mannered Adelle is thrust into a world of treasure hunters, secret societies, and thieving profiteers. In a mad dash to protect the treasure, she finds a courage she never expected and something more—the possibility of true love.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 3.50