Hey Big Spender

Tahoe Tessie Mysteries, #2

Gemma Halliday, T. Sue VerSteeg roll out the red carpet in this high-rolling mystery. Tessie King is one fine heroine. She's able to keep her customers and her staff happy all while searching for a murderer, talk about a multi-tasker. I enjoyed the fact that she could turn from the consummate professional into a taunted young girl in the matter of seconds. Her reactions made her all the more realistic and her doubts about the men in her life, even more so. My favorite man in her life is her best friend and yet he still manages to frustrate her at times but the genuine affection they share is evident. The setting is perfect in this story, the casino has just the right amount of glitz without the over-the-topness of Vegas or even Atlantic City. This writing team certainly knows how to develop interesting characters that keep the plot going and keep the reader guessing at just who the real culprit is. This is my first Tessie story but I know it won't be my last because I definitely am going to pick up the first story because I know I'll enjoy it as much as I did this one. I'm looking forward to seeing Tessie solve all sorts of situations. If you like your mysteries to have high-stakes this is one to pick up.

Tessie King has a year to turn the profits around at the resort casino she inherited from her father so she agrees to host the hottest cooking competition. However she is soon dealing with a death on the casino floor and rumors of a Mafia family invasion. Now she has to find a killer while keeping everything running smoothly while hosting her regulars, the local police , the FBI and a bunch of foodie VIPs.

Book Blurb for Hey Big Spender

From New York Times, USA Today, and #1 Kindle Bestselling author, Gemma Halliday...

When Tessie King inherited the Royal Palace Hotel, Lake Tahoe's biggest resort, she inherited a cranky board of directors along with it. A board that is demanding higher revenues, or Tessie's out. Faced with the possibility of losing her father’s legacy, Tessie turns to her staff to help her come up with a plan: film the season finale of Battle Buffet, the hottest cooking competition show on TV, at the resort. It's a scheme sure to bring in the big bucks.

But is also brings big trouble. When one of the casino’s wealthiest clients is found dead on the gaming floor, and the killer comes up incognito on the security footage, everyone is a suspect—from the television crew to the blue haired retirees at the slots. Tessie teams up with her stepmother-turned-BFF and her snowboarding teenage crush in a race against the clock to repair the casino's reputation, dodge mob accusations from the hot FBI agent on the case, and track down a killer before any more of her big spenders end up sleeping with the fishes.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2015 4.00