Her Fake Romance

Donna Fasano deals with some strong subject manner in a wonderfully balanced way with this sweet romance. Julia Jones is a complex, reserved yet sympathetic heroine and I enjoyed discovering each new layer of her personality as it was unveiled. Ryan Shane has nothing to hide and is happy to display that on their first meeting. His fear of relationship commitment is understandable and I enjoyed the fact that he was so sensitive with his friend’s feelings. Ryan comes across as a genuinely likable man and I loved his interactions with his cousin. I also appreciated how perceptive he was with Julia and her daughter. Julia’s daughter was a fabulous character with that strange mixture of maturity, boldness and tentativeness that adolescents often portray.

Julia Jones has enough to deal with in handling her business but now that her teenage daughter and she seem to be arguing over every little thing including the fact that Julia is boring and doesn’t date. So when Ryan Shane finds himself in need of a date they agree to help one another out and fake their relationship. But their best made plans fly out the window when they actually kiss, so how will they handle their not so fake attraction?

Book Blurb for Her Fake Romance

"Mom, get a life!"

Her teenage daughter's words were daunting. True, struggling single mom Julia Jones hadn't had a date in over a decade, but she could still catch a man–if she needed to! So Julia, who claimed not to want a husband, found herself entangled in a fake romance.

Ryan Shane was tall, dark, and devastatingly handsome. And he just so happened to need a no-strings date himself. Their plan was perfectly thought out. Until a conveniently staged good-night kiss turned into very inconvenient passion…

This book contains bonus material that includes several delicious recipes!

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 3.50