Heart of the Maze

Rain Chapman creates a delightful Regency tale, chalk full of likable characters in this paranormal short story. I love how it just jumped right into the action. Cilia and Devlin are appealing and they complement one another, balancing each of their special mystical gifts. The supporting cast is wonderful and I look forward to reading about Sophia's exploits. For a very quick story I felt that it never lacked anything, it had romance and adventure and a solid, engaging plot.

Cilia Makepeace finds herself in trouble and appeals to the one man she knows can and will help her, Devlin Easterly, the Duke of Rutherford. Almost immediately upon meeting the beautiful young woman, empathic Devlin knows she is his future happiness. His family has been gifted with special powers and they know without doubt when they meet the person they are destined to be with. Cilia has her own special abilities but will her visions cause her to see something that could destroy the love she feels for this ideal man?

Book Blurb for Heart of the Maze

Hidden secrets, guilty pleasures...

For generations, members of Devlin Easterly's family have each been born with a special gift, but no matter which way their talent manifests, they all know when they have met the one they are destined to share their lives with. Devlin is no different. Within hours of meeting Cilia Makepeace he knows their futures will be intertwined. He opens his empathic abilities completely to her and nothing in his life will ever be the same.

Finding herself in trouble is nothing new to Cilia Makepeace. Finding herself in love however, is something else entirely. For most of her life Cilia has avoided physical contact with others. Afraid of the dark visions that sometimes follow her touch and how they alter her perception of the people she receives them from. That is, until she meets Devlin Easterly, Third Duke of Rutherford. Devlin fans the flames of desire from their first kiss, causing her to long for a future she thought beyond her grasp. Does she dare risk her heart knowing she may receive a vision that would change her view of Devlin forever?


Night Owl Reviews May, 2010 4.50