Hard Miles

Chisholm Falls Book 1

Trish Arcangelo’s romance starts off with a bang and kept me turning pages until the last one was done. In "Hard Miles" we get Jase Miles. He is a stunning, brooding specimen of a hero and Laurel Wheeler seems to be the perfect partner to make him leave the past behind. It was a merry adventure watching these two tiptoeing around each other. They seemed to be constantly saying or doing the wrong thing or misunderstanding one another.

I loved Jase’s sister and his two friends. I felt as if I got to know and understand Jase a lot more than I did Laurel. I feel as if I still had some unanswered questions about her past and how her personality resulted from it. But overall I enjoyed these two.

While the story handles a few series subject matters I found it to give hope and happiness. I may have shed a tear or two while reading, but I also felt a whole lot of love. Not just between the leading couple but with the supporting characters.

This is my first book by Trish Arcangelo, but I’m sure it won’t be the last. After all I enjoyed my time in Chisholm Falls and would love to visit again.

The Story: Laurel Wheeler is on the run from an abusive ex when she finds herself in a gas station hold up where she’s rescued by Jase Miles. Jase has a bad reputation and Laurel makes a deal to convince the town he is a hero but she soon finds herself falling for her hero. But when he finds out about her deal can he ever trust her again?

Book Blurb for Hard Miles

On the run from her psycho ex, Laurel Wheeler stops in Chisholm Falls, Texas for snacks at a gas station just before it’s held up by two desperate criminals. When one robber begins firing, a handsome stranger named Jase Miles saves her life. Hoping to make a little money and thank her rescuer at the same time, the broke Laurel agrees to a secret deal regarding Jase, who's the town pariah.

But what starts as deception quickly turns complicated. Laurel begins to fall for the brooding man who hides his pain behind a mask of indifference. And Jase begins to fall for the sweet woman who, unlike everyone else in town, doesn’t treat him like a monster. Then a careless mistake shatters the fragile trust and their growing bond… perhaps beyond saving.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2018 4.00