Hanky Panky

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Hanky Panky

The Liberty Heights Series, #3

Elle Druskin immerses her heroine and her readers into the unconventional lives of the residents of Liberty Heights. Dana is fantastic and I loved what a sport she was over her unexpected catastrophe and her even more unexpected marital status. She handles all of the unconventional goings on in this zany neighborhood as if she were a life-long resident. Hank is darn near perfect, I have always loved a man who can make me laugh. And if that wasn’t enough reason for him to capture my heart, the love he has for his family especially his grandmother would have won me over. Grandma is a firecracker and the other eccentric characters left me frequently chuckling out loud. This was the perfect book to read while I was snowed in, just like Dana, however I believe I will read it again and again and cannot wait to relive the adventure while lounging around the pool this summer! I enjoyed the first two books in this series and it was wonderful catching up with what felt like some old friends and family! The people of Liberty Height’s always leave me with a big smile on my face and I cannot wait to visit again.

Looking for her best friend, Dana Fremder finds herself in Liberty Heights after a gas explosion leaves her without a home or job. She is having an awful day and when entertainer Hank Axelrod inundates her with his voice caricatures and sound effects she can’t take it any more. But when Hank’s Grandma ends up with a concussion and believes Hank and Dana are married, they do their best to act the part for the older woman’s sake. But what happens when make-believe leads to real feelings?

Book Blurb for Hanky Panky

Kaboom! A gas leak destroys Dana Fremder’s apartment and business in Brooklyn. With nowhere to go, Dana runs straight to best friend Hayley in Liberty Heights where a gunman is running loose. Or so Dana thinks. Voice over actor Hank Axelrod is loaded with sound effects that pop, whine, and screech, irritating Dana’s overstretched nerves. Too bad for Hank and Dana, that Hank’s Grandma Baumgart takes a joyride on a skateboard. Grandma has a concussion and an unshakable conviction that Hank and Dana are married. Nobody wants to upset Grandma. What can Hank and Dana do?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 4.00