Guarding His Anchor

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Guarding His Anchor

Canadian Muscle Book 2

Kacey Hammell blew me away with this absolutely awesome romantic suspense story. This might have been the first book of hers that I've read but it definitely will not be the last.

Charlotte Walker is a feisty and fierce heroine and I loved that she took no crap from anyone and yet still had a kind soft heart. I loved that while she was surrounded by tough military and security men she was just as determined to take care of them. She successfully runs a solid business and has a close knit group of friends who are akin to family. Watching her deal with her on again gone again lover was fabulous as one second she was melting under his touch but then her sharp tongue and claws would come out as she was determined to protect her heart. Frank Shaw is a man torn, he loves Charlotte and while he doesn't want to hurt her his job is important too. I loved how we get to see how he truly feels how emotionally raw he is over the situation with her brother and their relationship. I enjoyed how this story encompassed more than this couple that here were an ensemble of characters and while this was the second book in the series I didn't feel as if not reading the previous hindered my enjoyment of this story. However I will most definitely be picking up the first in the series and any other that come after this because I'm certain I will find them just as fabulous.

The Story: Charlotte Walker is too busy to worry about the man in her life who loves her and leaves her but when FBI agent Frank Shaw shows back up wounded and says her brother is the culprit Charlotte doesn't know how her heart can take it anymore. frank is determined to get the man he's hunting but is he willing to hurt the one woman who means so much to him?

Book Blurb for Guarding His Anchor

Charlotte Weber is no stranger to heartbreak. FBI agent Frank Shaw has swept in and out of her life as though she’s a revolving door, stomping on her heart in the process. Now that she’s finally had enough, he’s back again and seems determined to spin her life out of control.

Frank knows Charlie is the anchor for his lost soul, even though he can’t risk settling down. The demons of his past are too great, and he won’t run the risk of hurting her. This time, his only objective should be locating Charlie’s brother, Sean. But Charlie’s a complication, and not just because she refuses to believe Sean is guilty.

As Frank and Charlie fight for what they believe in, they also try to resist their powerful connection. The future is unclear, but when danger surrounds them, they are each other’s only anchor.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2017 4.50