Gone to Dust

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Gone to Dust

Gravediggers Book 2

Liliana Hart has done it again! This latest instalment in her Gravediggers series is fantastic. I want to be Miller Darling. She reminds me of Joan Wilder who was my role model. I love Miller's spunk, her dedication to her work, the fact that she puts in so much research and more than that I admired her for the strong bond she had with both her best friend and her absentee brother. She never tried to be anything other than herself and it was so refreshing to see that she saw her flaws and her fine attributes and was happy with herself. Elias Cole was such a complicated man, a man who worried about the possibility of hurting someone if he got in too deep and I loved how we the readers got to see that it was already too late the moment he walked away he was already in too deep. I loved the lighthearted feel to this story, while it was as intense and as action filled as the first, maybe even a little more action filled Miller's easy attitude went a long way in making everything seem more like a grand Lark even though she still took everything completely seriously. I cannot wait to read the next in this series to see if the author can surprise me with a new twist or feel. But one thing is for sure I'm positive it will live up to my expectations because this one definitely did. If you haven't read The Gravediggers yet, trust me pick them up, you'll love them.

The Story: Miller Darling is a bestselling author in a deadline daze, but if anything can bring her back to reality it's finding her brother's severed finger in her mail and dealing with the sexy man who has been haunting her since the night he lit her fuse and walked away. Now she must go off into the wild unknown with a man she can't control herself around, rescue her brother and meet her deadline all while dodging dangerous criminals.

Book Blurb for Gone to Dust

The Gravediggers aren’t exactly what they seem. They’re the most elite of the world’s fighting forces—and all they have in common is that they’ve been betrayed by the countries they’ve died for. Because they are dead. To their country, their military, and their families.

Sometimes the dead do rise....

Miller Darling is one of the most popular romance novelists of her time. Not bad for a woman who doesn’t believe in romance. She’s as logical as they come, and she doesn’t believe in happily-ever-afters. What she does believe in is family, so when her brother disappears, she doesn’t think twice about packing her bag and her laptop and heading out to find him.

Elias Cole lived and breathed the life of a Navy SEAL. Now he’s “dead” and his hero’s honor tarnished. The only thing keeping him sane are the men who are like him—The Gravediggers—and the woman who makes his head spin. He’s never met anyone like Miller Darling. Her smart mouth and quick wit keep him on his toes, and damned if he doesn’t find that appealing.

When Miller receives a package from the brother who abandoned her asking for help, it’s clear she’s in over her head with the mess he’s gotten himself into. She needs a professional, and Elias is just the man for the job. Only her brother is a former SEAL—the man who left his team to die—and Elias is more interested in vengeance than saving his life.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2017 5.00