Ghostly Seduction

Desiree Holt never disappoints me and this short paranormal romance was no exception. I loved that although this story has fantasy overtones it actually comes across as very much a contemporary love story. I loved the camaraderie between Jordan and her best friend it made it so much easier to connect with her. Aiden Flannery is everything you could want in a hero, he's successful and sexy and pure Alpha male. I love how steamy this story is yet it isn't gratuitous sex just for the sake of sex. The supporting characters helped give this story a depth that many shorter stories don't have. I'd love to see a second book with her friend finding romance in this awesome haunted hotel. I'd also love to sign up for the convention at this hotel!

Author Jordan Kyle is excited to be attending a conference in a haunted hotel, she's looking forward to doing some serious research and running in to a ghost or two. She thinks she just may have when she keeps getting glimpses of a tall dark and gorgeous man who then visits her in her sleep.

Book Blurb for Ghostly Seduction

A writer's convention at a haunted hotel gives author Jordan Kyle the perfect chance to do research for her next book. While ghost hunting through the century-old halls, she never expects to really find one. But when her sleep is filled with erotic dreams and the starring sex god shows up in the lobby the next day, she's not sure if he's real or a ghost with otherworldly desires.

Pragmatic cyber security consultant Aiden Flannery only believes in what he can see and hear and touch. But his dreams are invaded by a sexy redhead and her seductive peach scent tantalizes him by day. He catches the merest glimpse of her everywhere he goes then she's gone, like a whisper in the wind.

Are there supernatural forces at work? Or is it their imagination? They only know, whether awake or asleep, these ghostly seductions are hot, hot, hot and they want more.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2016 5.00