Forget The Mistletoe

Lizzie T. Leaf heats up the holiday season with this fun and feisty romance. Marta Holt is a fabulous addition to a very long line of Scrooges and yet there is something about her that won me over from her introduction. Her valid reason for her dislike of the season made me feel a connection with her that wasn’t sympathy but more resembled understanding. Linc Blanchard is practically perfect. He seems genuinely solid. A successful business man, a friendly boss, a loving nephew and a holiday appreciating hottie, do you really need anything more in a leading man? I enjoyed the light paranormal aspects to this story. The head elf is a hoot. A voyeuristic Santa, who would have thought it? Without making things creepy this Santa shows there’s more to the twinkle in his eyes than Mrs. Claus’s hot chocolate. I also thoroughly enjoyed the settings, both the Denver store and the North Pole. If you are looking for a merry missive this is one to read.

Retail management might not have been such a great career choice for Marta Holt, especially when Christmas is the most profitable season for the family department store she works at. Her obvious dislike for the holiday has come to the notice of the owner’s nephew because if she doesn’t turn things around she just might be out of a job. So with the help of Santa and his head elf she might find her Christmas spirit and her holiday romance.

Book Blurb for Forget The Mistletoe

Marta Holt hates Christmas and all the fuss that goes with it, which isn’t a good way to feel about the biggest money making season in her chosen career field, retail management.

Linc Blanchard’s family owns the chain of retail stores and shows up in Denver to make sure that Marta, the temporary manager, doesn’t affect the bottom line of that store’s Christmas season with her lack of appreciation of his favorite holiday.

Mix in Claude, an elf with attitude that has been sent into the human world to help Santa correct the mistake he made with Marta when she was a little girl and you have a hot, humorous fantasy to relieve the stress of your holidays.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 3.50