For the Love of...Geese?

Beyond Fairytales series, #6

Melissa Shirley delivers a winning fairytale for adults with this hot romance. This is a story that I will no doubt read over and over. Rebecca Heller is the perfect spoiled rich girl but yet she is also endearing and I couldn't help but cheer her on. For me, Dylan Laugherty is a wonderful leading man. I'm a huge sucker for a man with a sense of humor and when you add in a touch of sarcasm then it's a no brainer. He's a hardworking man who just happens to be sexy as heck so it was no wonder that he snagged Rebecca's attention. Rebecca's grandmother is such a sweetheart and she steals every scene she appears in. While the scenario might be a familiar one, this author does such a skilled job that everything is fresh and new. I found the setting to be just as fascinating as the main characters, I would love to move to the lovely storybook town and I truly want to revisit again and again. If you are looking for a fun break from the everyday then this is a story you've got to read.

Rebecca Heller has screwed up one too many times and her parents decide something must be done so they send her off to live with a grandmother she never knew existed. She goes from living a life of luxury to being banished to a farm. Enter a sexy farm boy and perhaps six months dealing with geese might not be so horrible.

Book Blurb for For the Love of...Geese?

When pampered publishing princess, Rebecca Heller crashes her father's Porsche, her parents are livid, doling out the punishment of the century. Being exiled to live with a grandmother she never knew existed is one thing, but to live in a house that can fit in her closet without electricity or running water? Insanity.

Enter Dylan Laugherty—an Adonis in tight jeans and flannel shirt. He's sarcastic, funny, and hot enough to make hell boil over. Believing him the storybook knight in shining armor, she flaunts her style and grace, but instead of asking for her phone number, the farm boy showers her with hostility.

How can she be expected to survive a six-month banishment to a place where she can’t use a blow dryer and geese attack her Gucci shoes? Not to mention the brooding farm boy she can’t stop thinking about.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2015 4.50