For Me

Wendy Burke knows how to give readers just what they want. It’s been days since I finished this story and I am still haunted by it. Abby was such a fascinating heroine; smart, successful and kind. I loved that her age and her curvy body made her more attractive to Casey. I find that as I myself get older I prefer my heroines to have more maturity. I enjoyed the fact that she was so realistic, she was low maintenance and not ashamed of it and even though she was obviously intelligent she felt no need to rub it in. She was authentic, her self doubts and her insecurities made her all the more endearing. Casey was so in control and I honest never gave much thought for how hard it must be for an incredibly attractive person to find someone to see beyond the physical. I enjoyed this story and as a big fan of the 1Night Stand series I hope to read more by this talented author who did a fantastic job of mixing heat and heart.

Dr. Abby Lewis has a successful career and a good life; however she’s not too happy with her love life. She’s in her forties and a bit curvier than most men appreciate. But it’s time for her to do something about her lonely nights. Casey Rupp is young and successful and while he doesn’t ever need to spend his nights alone he’s looking for something more. He’s hoping Madame Eve and her service can help him out and find him someone who sees beyond his appearance. Can these two find what they need with one another?

Book Blurb for For Me

She’s fifty pounds past perfect…

Pretty and professional, orthopedic surgeon Abby Lewis has plenty of money and friends. Pushing forty-five, however, she’s tired of lonely nights and reservations for one. Even her geeky little brother nabbed a drop-dead gorgeous, professional baseball player boyfriend, so what the hell is wrong with her? The doctor diagnoses her own malady—most men don’t want a woman whose lush curves overflow the hourglass.

He yearns for more…

Handsome, well-educated, and arrogant Casey Rupp can have any woman he desires—and he knows it. But he’s tired of shallow relationships driven by sexual exploits and lust. He wants more and determines the only way to find the right woman is to take his looks out of the equation.

Can Madame Eve work her magic for these two hungry hearts?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 4.00