1 Night Stand Series

Desiree Holt soars with this scorching erotic romance. Chelsea Haller is a powerful heroine who I felt an instant connection with. Alec Ramsey is a mature, sexy hero with some serious skills. I enjoyed the set up to this story and the setting; the pace was fantastic and the sex scenes were seamlessly fabulous. I’m still fanning myself over the heat generated by this very compatible couple. I loved how well they connected and how believable the entire situation was. Ms. Holt has never disappointed me and this fantastic novella didn’t either. This offering is solid proof as to why she appears on the top of my must-read list, her luxurious and straightforward style make reading her stories a pleasure. As a huge fan of both this series and this author I couldn’t wait to read it, and now I can’t wait to reread it over and over again. This is the perfect story to read while snowed in yourself to heat up a cold winter night or to add some sizzle to the summer heat.

Chelsea Haller needs something good to happen in her life after a few slips down the rung of the success ladder. When a friend mentions Madame Eve and her 1Night Stand service she decides she needs this but she isn’t surprised when before she can make it to her rendez-vous she is stranded by a snowstorm. Alec Ramsey is surprised to find his one-night stand in the airport and now the two of them heat up the cold night.

Book Blurb for Flyover

Enroute to their 1Night Stand dates, Chelsea Haller and Alec Ramsey are stranded in the airport during an unexpected snowstorm.

It doesn’t take long to discover they’re each other’s one-night stand. Lucky for them, they’re drawn together by sizzling electricity and soon forget the icy snow. As the heat between them nearly melts the sheets in Alec’s hotel room, their night of erotic adventure surpasses anything they expected from a 1Night Stand.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 4.50