Fleeing Beauty

Jamie Richmond Mysteries, #3

Mark Love turns up the heat with Jamie Redmond's latest adventure. I've enjoyed the previous installments of the Jamie Richmond mysteries so this was a definite must read. I believe the biggest difference in this story compared to the others is high passion level. the characters are just as entertaining and the suspense just as riveting. Malone is as steadfast as ever and Jamie is just as headstrong. I was very happy to finally meet Vera and to see her interact with Bert. I was so glad to see Malone's young friend and his family back in the picture. While I truly enjoyed the reappearance of some characters I'd previously met I believe that anyone new Jamie and her activities would still be able to enjoy this book, however I believe that they would want to read the first two adventures as well. Without giving away details the suspense was solid and it was fabulous to delve in to so much artistic detail. I love how this author is able to combine great character and mystery so seamlessly, nothing seems forced and I never feel as if the scenario is too farfetched. If you are looking for a spice suspense, pick this one up.

When a secret storeroom of sensational sculptures by a renowned artist are discovered twenty years after his death it's a major discovery, especially for his daughter Jamie Richmond. In order to learn more about the father she never knew Jamie volunteers to catalogue the pieces and Malone steps in to help. Of course nothing is ever dull for Jamie and soon she is once again embroiled in a mystery. Will Jamie find the answers to everything she seeks?

Book Blurb for Fleeing Beauty

Jamie Richmond’s life takes another surprising turn. Her father, who was an accomplished artist before his death more than twenty years ago, had hidden a number of finished pieces in a secret storeroom. Now Jamie recruits Malone and a few close friends to discover what valuable treasures her father left behind. This is an opportunity for Jamie to learn more about her late father as well as herself.

Malone does his best to support and distract her. They’re not the only ones enjoying the warmth and passions of summer. But someone sinister is lurking in the background with a plan of their own.

Will Jamie be able to unravel the mystery in time?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2014 4.00