Feuding Hearts

Natasha Deen delivers a fabulously fun adventure. Angel is a wonderful heroine who handles the stress of her situation well and while she is not perfect she is completely enjoyable. Her southern grandmother is delightful and the elderly neighbor is such a treat. I loved their antics and their personalities are amusing and entertaining. I loved the rapport between the two of them and it seemed to me that I’d known them forever and enjoyed them larking about my whole life. Harry is a hottie. His grandfather is a charmer and it seems he inherited all the right qualities. I mean really there is no way around it, the man is wonderful and I love that there was a bit of friction to balance out the sizzling attraction. The author’s easy style and delightful characters make this a must read, the humor and realism are so attractive that I can’t wait to find out what else she has to offer.

Book Blurb for Feuding Hearts

Angel Baxter's move from Georgia to Miami was intended to bring peace and calm, but for the past three months, she's been reluctant mediator to her nana and their eighty-five year-old neighbor. Between ripped up azalea bushes, wrecked bird baths, and her grandmother prancing across the lawn like a deranged pixie, Angel's nerves are frayed. She's got more problems than a three-legged cat in a dog pound.

Unexpected help shows up in the sexiest form: Harry Garret, the neighbor's gorgeous grandson. The gardener offers his hand in the negotiations, and the rest of his body on a date at a French restaurant. When Nana's pranks go too far, will Angel lose out on more than peace and quiet, but also on a chance at love?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 4.00