Far Too Tempted

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Far Too Tempted

Emma Wildes weaves a wonderful Regency tale of romance and suspense. This story had all the key elements for a fantastic historical romance; a solid plot a complete cast of entertaining and enjoyable characters, just the right amount of detail that doesn't inundate and turn lecturish and an intriguing mystery matched by a sweet yet sexy romance.

I can honestly say I lost my heart to Alexander Ramsey even when he is not shown at his best there was still something wonderful about him that shone through and I just knew he was going to be worthy of young Jess’s infatuation.

Jessica is a woman who has been dealt quite a few hardships yet she remains surprisingly pleasant, except where Alex is concerned and after all it makes sense for her to have that reaction after their history. Although I will say I wish she had saved a little of her loathing and a lot of her sharp tongue and used it on her brother. I’m looking forward to seeing Alex having some more adventures and would love to see him make a reappearance in someone else’s journey to happiness.

The Story:

Jessica Roweland had been infatuated with Alexander Ramsey her whole life until one day her illusions are shattered. Now years later Alex has returned home a wounded war hero, yet still a scoundrel in Jessica’s eyes. She would like nothing better than to never see him again; however that isn’t to be the case. When she is caught alone in his presence her reputation is threatened and they try to make the best of the situation they both face. Jess is trying hard to believe in the man she must marry but he is keeping secrets from her that may destroy her blossoming trust.

Book Blurb for Far Too Tempted

Once he broke her heart, but now he’s wickedly tempted…

Alexander Ramsey, the youngest son of a duke, has returned to England with a barely healed wound and a war-torn heart. He hopes retiring to a life raising horses near his family’s estate will bring him some peace.

If only it was that easy. The girl he’s done his best to forget has grown into an enticing woman. A woman who despises him, if their accidental encounter in his new house is any indication.

Jessica Roweland has no family, certainly no fortune, and to make matters worse—which hardly seems possible—the only home she has ever known has been sold to her despicable arch enemy. The man she once thought she loved.

Caught alone in his presence, Jessica faces utter ruin as society begins to whisper over the incident. Unless she can restrain the urge to strangle him and marry him instead, she will be the subject of endless scorn and scandal.

Forced into marriage and called upon by the Crown to solve a series of murders, Alex accepts both tasks—the first, his very distinct pleasure. The second, a very difficult mission that will threaten both their lives.

Warning: Hot Regency heroes, steamy sex scenes, mild foul language, and some violence.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 4.50