Esther Egg Hunt

Holidays are Hell series, #3

Sam Cheever heats up the holidays once again with this adventurous short story. Esther Mills is a spunky heroine stuck in an unenviable situation but instead of wallowing she sets a plan in motion and I found it very easy to admire her. Luc is amazing, for a devil he is compassionate and it balances well with his strong personality. He is surprisingly complex which makes him all the more authentic because he isn’t all black or all white. The attraction between the two is undeniable and I love how the slow build seemed to fan the flames higher. I enjoyed the previous books and loved that I got another glimpse into this fabulous world. I loved the fast paced action and the fact that it was kept steady with the emotional interplay of the main characters. I’d love this series to expand and include the angel’s side because I’d love to delve into their stories. It’s no secret that this author is a steady presence on my must read list and this story is another red hot example as to why she remains there.

It’s not bad enough that Esther Mills has died and gone to hell, but she is forced to relive her death every year. And every year she is escorted by the devilishly sexy Lucifer and then left alone. There is a definite connection there but Luc never acts on it. So this year Esther’s taking her fate into her own hands and just maybe she’ll convince her sexy Perdition Guide that she’s worth the risk.

Book Blurb for Esther Egg Hunt

This Easter, rather than dying...again...Esther's gonna resurrect some serious feelings in her sexy perdition guide.

Esther Mills is caught in Hell's version of ground hog day. Every year she's resurrected on Easter and relives her death, only to be escorted to Hell again. The one thing that makes her life tolerable is being escorted back to Hell each time by Lucifer, her sexy perdition guide. Esther and Luc share a hot crush. But for some reason he won't act on his feelings. So this Easter, Esther's going to make sure Luc can't ignore her any longer. She's going to take her life back...and when she's done with her sexy devil, he's not gonna know what hit him!

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 4.00