Dressed to Kiss

Madeline Hunter, Caroline Linden, Megan Frampton and Myretta Robens create a lovely series of stories for this beautiful Regency romance anthology. In the Duke’s Dressmaker the Duke of Barrowmore is an amazing Alpha yet and it was amazing to discover his history with Selina Fontaine. I loved watching him pursue her and her reaction to his actions. I enjoyed these two characters and how well the backdrop of the shop almost acted as another main character without overshadowing their romance. In Threads of Love Delyth Owen is such a sweet and exuberant heroine. I couldn’t help but fall in love with her enthusiasm for colourful fabrics and designs. Simon Merrithew is such an unusual hero and yet the very qualities that make him so unusual are just what make him so darn appealing. I held my breath hoping that everything would work out when secrets were finally revealed. I’d love to see Simon’s sister get her very own story. In No Accounting for Love I believe I myself fell in love with Mr. Henry Dawkins and would have gladly given Miss Katherine Grant a run for her money, however I think it would have been for naught. I loved watching this gentle giant with a sharp mind fall for this lovely lady’s companion. Lady Euphemia was quite the character and made the perfect foil for her hired guardian. In A Fashionable Affair we get to see Felicity Dawkins’s and I must say I loved just how quickly she won over the Earl of Carmarthen with her brains and beauty. I enjoyed the way this story tied all the previous ones together without giving anything away. The premise of this story was not only enjoyable but informative as I got to see so many different facets of life in this time period. If you are a fan of anthologies this one is a must read. It is full of charming characters, delightful situations and stunning settings.

In this stylish anthology readers get not one, not two but four fabulous Regency romances that all have a tie to Madame Follete’s shop. While once the most sought after modiste in London the shop is now on the verge of ruin but as the coronation of King George IV approaches the dressmakers take the chance to reclaim their position of creating the most envied gowns in Town. And if that isn’t enough they might just find true love.

Book Blurb for Dressed to Kiss

True love never goes out of style….

Once renowned for creating the most envied gowns in London, Madame Follette’s dressmaking shop has fallen far out of fashion. The approaching coronation of King George IV offers a chance to reclaim former glory by supplying stunning new wardrobes to the most glittering society in Regency England. In the face of long-held secrets, looming scandals, and the potential ruin of their shop, the dressmakers of Follette’s are undaunted, not even by the most unexpected complication of all: true love.

The Duke’s Dressmaker by Madeline Hunter

When the Duke of Barrowmore walks into the dress shop, Selina Fontaine assumes her secret identity will compromised. Four years ago this man’s brother seduced her and abandoned her to scandal, and she holds the duke responsible. To her amazement the duke is more interested in pursuing her than exposing her, however—and that pursuit soon becomes seductively pleasurable.

Threads of Love by Myretta Robens

Delyth Owen’s exuberant passion for her new job as a dressmaker at Madame Follette’s is matched only by her love of diverse, vibrant, and frequently unfortunate color combinations. Simon Merrithew, the pseudonymous author of a well-regarded fashion column, is horrified by the gown Delyth creates for a friend, and suspects her motives. He sets out to uncover her duplicity, but instead, he uncovers genuine joy and discovers the colors of love.

No Accounting for Love by Megan Frampton

Miss Katherine Grant is a lady’s companion, one whose number of dishonorable offers (six) greatly outweigh her honorable ones (zero). Now tasked with making certain her charge, Lady Euphemia, does not contract herself to someone inappropriate, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to Mr. Henry Dawkins, the inappropriate gentleman Lady Euphemia wants to charm, who keeps the books at Madame Follette's. But it seems that Henry only has eyes for Miss Katherine Grant.

A Fashionable Affair by Caroline Linden

Madame Follette’s is Felicity Dawkins’s birthright; her mother founded it, and now she runs it. She's fiercely committed to making it the most exclusive modiste in London. The Earl of Carmarthen also has big plans for the shop—he wants to buy it and tear it down, to make way for a grand new boulevard of shops. One way or another, he’s determined to persuade Felicity…not only to sell her shop, but to explore the passion that sparks between them every time they meet.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2016 4.50