Double Masquerade

Kate Fox offers no charade with this fabulous holiday Regency treat. Jane is a spunky, outrageous young lady who is not only eccentric but resourceful. It would have been easy for her to give up but she didn’t and I enjoyed seeing all of her dedication finally beginning to pay off. Lord Stathmore is an enigmatic and elegant leading man and it is easy to see how our young heroine fell under his spell so fast. He is the typical handsome and wealthy lord with just the perfect amount of freshness to avoid a stale typical hero. The supporting characters are all so likable and each one has distinctive and exceptional characteristics. Jane’s little brother is so refreshing in his youthful enthusiasm that I couldn’t help my ever present smile in every scene he was in. I look forward to seeing Jane’s sister enjoy her very own London adventure and romance. I loved the setting of this tale and I found myself researching some Scottish Christmas traditions because of something I read here. I’m looking forward to reading more sweet escapades by this talented author.

When the Honorable Miss Jane Lumley encounters the charming Lord Statmore she finds herself lost in his eyes and words fail her. The dashing bookseller has just bought a series of adventure manuscripts by a reclusive author whom Jane not only defends to the unimpressed nobleman but agrees to introduce as well. The only problem is that Jane herself is the author, so now she must hide her own identity and pretend to be the seafaring Mr. Girard. But will a mask hide her growing feelings for the handsome lord?

Book Blurb for Double Masquerade

Jane, the Honorable Miss Lumley, is in a bind. She can’t help boasting about her friendship with author Mr. Michael Girard, whose sweeping new series of adventurous tales set on the high seas have fetched a high price at a Nottingham book auction.

Darkly debonair bookseller Lachlan, Lord Stathmore, finds Girard’s stories improbable but knows they will sell. When Jane’s impassioned defense wins him over, he asks her to arrange a meeting with the mysterious Mr. Girard.

But how can she, when she herself is the stories’ scribe and she is forced to keep the real seafarer’s identity secret? A Christmas cotillion offers a solution. But while men’s clothes and a mask might be enough to hide her identity, will her double masquerade be enough to conceal her rising passion?

Blush sensuality level: This is a sweet romance (kisses only, no sexual content).

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2012 4.00