Deception in Strange Places

A Kelly O'Connell Mystery, #5

Judy Alter gives fans and sleuth Kelly O'Connell a brand new adventure to enjoy with this suspenseful cozy mystery. I love Ms. Lorna and Keisha, in fact I once again found all the secondary characters to be interesting and entertaining. I'm so fond of this author's style and voice, she takes me straight into the action while making me feel part of Kelly's extended family. The mystery itself isn't too hard or too easy to solve or follow and I enjoyed spending my rainy evening witnessing Kelly getting herself into trouble. I cannot wait to see just what she manages to get up to next. If cozy, mysteries are amongst your favorites then I recommend giving this one a read.

The Story:

Once again Kelly and her husband Mike find themselves embroiled in an action-packed mystery when a woman wants to find her biological mother. This time it takes Kelly from her home in Fort Worth to San Antonio and embroils her with some over-the-top characters including a hit man, a reclusive diva and a televangelist. But no matter what Kelly is set on finding some answers and with Mike on board she knows she can untangle this mess.

Book Blurb for Deception in Strange Places

A woman desperately seeking her biological mother, a televangelist determined to thwart that search, a hired hit man, and in the midst of it all, a reclusive diva. Kelly has gotten herself involved in a dangerous emotional tangle this time, and Mike doesn’t tell her to back off, even when events take them from Fort Worth to San Antonio.

Start this series and read in order. 1. Murder at the Blue Plate Café 2. Murder at the Tremont House 3. Trouble in a Big Box 4. Danger Comes Home 5. Deception in Strange Places

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2014 4.00