Death in Paris

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Death in Paris

A Death in Paris Mystery

Emilia Bernhard paints a vivid picture of the delights and day to day of Paris living with this cozy mystery. Rachel and Magda are a wonderful sleuthing duo and I enjoyed them hashing out the information about the suspects, in true Parisian fashion, usually at a cafe. It was interesting to see Rachel become so entwined with the suspects and in doing so the author added so many insights into their investigation. To me this story had an almost literary, poetic feel to it as if Rachel’s memories stirred up the dreams of a young American in Paris and all the joie de vie that came with it. I enjoyed the interlinking suspects and how so many of the clues could pertain to each one. Above all I found this to be a picturesque, cozy mystery that proves you don’t have to be young and hip, or wise and old to get tied up in a murder investigation.

The Story: American transplant Rachel Levi’s is surprised to find her former lover has died in somewhat odd circumstances and she’s convinced he was murdered. After discussing her suspicions with fellow American and best friend Magda the two women decide to investigate on their own. but will the discover the killer before becoming victims themselves?

Book Blurb for Death in Paris

A charming series debut featuring two American sleuths in Paris, Death in Paris is a perfect traditional mystery for fans of M. L. Longworth and Juliet Blackwell.

The only thing chillier than a Parisian winter is cold-blooded murder.

When French financier Edgar Bowen drowns in a bowl of soup, his former girlfriend, American Rachel Levis, is alarmed by the unnatural death. Who dies eating a nice vichyssoise? But when she overhears a mourner at his funeral describing the circumstances of his death, something sounds even stranger: a bottle of rosé was on the dining table when he died. The only problem: Edgar loathed rosé. If he wasn’t drinking it, who was?

After the police rule the death accidental, Rachel knows it’s up to her and her best friend Magda to investigate. As the two Americans immerse themselves in Edgar’s upper-class world, the list of suspects grows: Could it have been his son, who inherited his money and lavish apartment? His icy ex-wife? His greedy new girlfriend? His impoverished personal assistant?

But when the suspects start dropping like flies, Rachel and Magda realize the murderer is tying up loose ends. It’ll be up to two amateur sleuths to solve their first case before the murderer decides they’re next...

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2018 3.50