Dead Double

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Dead Double

Tracy Cooper-Posey draws the reader into a world of palpable danger and political intrigue. This story takes you across foreign destinations to your own backyard and off to exotic locales again. I loved how abruptly everything seemed to happen; right from the very start the intensity seeps off the pages. One moment the young protagonist is struggling to keep her Surf business afloat and the next she is holding her own with spies, government agents and international villains. Sahara is a fantastic action heroine, outwardly naive but full of inner strength and outer calm. Logan is a compelling leading man; an enigma that Sahara seems to see straight through. His weariness has such a deep tangibility because it is not only evident from his lack of actual sleep but in his very soul. The supporting casts of characters are fantastic and I loved Angel, I did however find that the "bad guy" could have been more prominent as we never really got to know him, only his henchmen and pawns. I found myself wanting to race to the end with the team and I honestly was so interested in the outcome I was tempted to skip to the end but I'm glad I didn't and that I got to enjoy the journey.

Sahara Taylor-Hughes is a dead ringer for Logan Wilde's ex-wife, which is a good thing because an Iranian scientific genius in hiding has cracked the code to cold fusion and he's only willing to give it to Micky. The problem is Micky's dead but surfer chick Sahara gets a quick makeover and she passes for the jet-setting government agent. Logan is in charge of keeping her save and is surprised to find himself falling for a woman who looks so much like his ex, whom he had come to hate. Can Logan protect this young woman who has a goodness his wife never had or will she become a dead double?

Book Blurb for Dead Double

A reclusive Iranian genius will give the west the secrets to cold fusion, but only to Micky Wilde, who once charmed him. But Micky is dead. Logan Wilde is forced to use Sahara Taylor-Hughes, who is Micky’s double in appearance. Sahara’s gentle soul puts Logan in an agonizing dilemma. How can he equate the appearance of the woman he hated with the woman he’s falling in love with?

As Sahara is drawn deeper into the operation and closer to Logan, she battles her own history—everyone she loved has died and left her alone, and Logan works in a field where life can be brutally cut short. Can she give her heart to this man?

Zaram, a renegade terrorist, will hold the western world to ransom if he gets the plans first. Logan must help Sahara beat Zaram, collect the plans and make sure she stays alive, or else lose his mind…and his heart.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 4.25