Dangerous Weakness

Dangerous, #3

Caroline Warfield takes readers on a whirlwind adventure with this historical romance. Lilias Thornton is a fascinating heroine, she is dignified and intelligent and determined to protect the ones she loves, something she has in common with the stalwart Richard Hayden, Marquess of Glenaire. Lily is headstrong and sometimes impulsive and I loved what a mixture she was as depending on the situation she either carefully planned or leaped before looking. Watching Richard deal with his fascination of Lily was priceless. There is nothing so entertaining as watching a man who is always in control lose that control. I enjoyed that this was not just a frivolous story but rather it was laden with history and facts but in such a manner that it was still highly amusing. I enjoyed getting to see glimpses into other cultures from the historical perspective of the English Regency. Each setting came to life with vivid details and I appreciated the fact that there was no glossing over the unappealing portions but there was also no glorifying them either. I cannot wait to see what other far of people and places this author will introduce me to because I rather enjoy my love stories with some action and education.

Intent on making a good match, Lily Thorton has returned to London after years in St. Petersburg with her diplomat father but two men seem to stand in her way. One has evil plans that will destroy not only Lily's family but the peace Britain has worked so hard to maintain. The other is the powerful Marquess of Glenaire a man determined to protect the annoying woman who has wormed her way into his thoughts. Soon she leads him on a dangerous adventure will they survive with the lives and their hearts intact?

Book Blurb for Dangerous Weakness

If women were as easily managed as the affairs of state—or the recalcitrant Ottoman Empire—Richard Hayden, Marquess of Glenaire, would be a happier man. As it was, the creatures—one woman in particular—made hash of his well-laid plans and bedeviled him on all sides.

Lily Thornton came home from Saint Petersburg in pursuit of marriage. She wants a husband and a partner, not an overbearing, managing man. She may be “the least likely candidate to be Marchioness of Glenaire,” but her problems are her own to fix, even if those problems include both a Russian villain and an interfering Ottoman official.

Given enough facts, Richard can fix anything. But protecting that impossible woman is proving almost as hard as protecting his heart, especially when Lily’s problems bring her dangerously close to an Ottoman revolution. As Lily’s personal problems entangle with Richard’s professional ones, and she pits her will against his, he chases her across the pirate-infested Mediterranean. Will she discover surrender isn’t defeat? That it might even have its own sweet reward.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2015 4.00