Dangerous Decisions

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Dangerous Decisions

B.B. Cruz gives readers a unique romantic suspense with this debut title. Carino Montgomery is an extremely complex heroine and I enjoyed watching someone with such a strong work ethic struggle with her emotions and how they would impact her career. Ramon Terrones was equally complex and speaking for myself I have always had a soft spot for bad guys. I often wonder what their story is and just what has led them down the path they have taken. Ramon is such an endearing man that I couldn't help but fall under his spell and hold my breath to see just how Carino was going to react to him. Honestly I would have expected his criminal activities would turn me off but because it was never really a secret I instead found myself understanding him. The intrigue just adds to the fantastic connection between these two and the story and all the characters work seamlessly to give the reader a fabulous story. As this is the author's debut title I am excited to see just what comes next, because this will be a difficult book to follow. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a suspense with a successfully sensual twist.

Carino Montgomery is a rising star in the Franklin Everly law firm. When the feds begin getting information about illegal activities about their top client, Ramon Terrones is sent to find the mole, at all costs. At first, all evidence points toward Carino so Ramon sticks close to her. But what starts out as an assignment quickly turns to romance. However, a romance between these two is sure to ruin both their careers, but when secrets come to light will they survive?

Book Blurb for Dangerous Decisions

Someone is feeding the feds information on alleged illegal activities at the Franklin Everly law firm, and Carino Montgomery is targeted as a prime suspect. There's enough evidence to put her in the hot seat when hired gun Ramon Terrones arrives to uncover the mole.

But from the moment they meet, Ramon relentlessly pursues Carino, triggering a whirlwind romance packed with fierce emotions . . . and secrets that won't remain buried.

Both Ramon and Carino have worked hard to put their pasts behind them, but the truth could bring their whole lives crumbling down.

Will their unlikely relationship be worth sacrificing everything they've worked for? Or will their secrets prove to be bigger than their love?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2015 4.50