Danger Comes Home

Kelly O'Connell Mystery, #4

Judy Alter once again leads her readers and her heroine into the path of danger with this suspense story. Kelly O'Connell is as unwavering as ever and once again gets herself embroiled in a mystery. I'm starting to see her as a little more selfish yet it goes a long way of showing that she really is just an ordinary woman in extraordinary situations. With every appearance I grow fonder and fonder of Mike Shandy and at his first appearance I already thought he was a wonderful man. I enjoyed catching up with Kelly's friends and family as I'm starting to feel as if they are my own. I loved the introduction to the new characters and find myself wonder just what is going to happen in the next installment. If you are a fan of a solid mystery full of amiable characters in a well-developed setting this one is a good choice.

Kelly O'Connell is back and as she's proven in the past, when a mystery is involved there's no way she's capable of ignoring it even when her new husband repeatedly warns her to leave the investigation to the pros. But this determined real estate agent has to save an abused woman and her runaway daughter, while helping a reclusive diva with her daily chores, supporting friends and family that need her and dealing with drug dealers.

Book Blurb for Danger Comes Home

Kelly O’Connell’s husband, Mike Shandy, insists she has a talent for trouble, but how can she sit idly by while her world is shattering. Daughter Maggie is hiding a runaway classmate; protégé Joe Mendez seems to be hanging out again with his former gang friends and ignoring his lovely wife Theresa; drug dealers have moved into her beloved Fairmount neighborhood. And amidst all this, reclusive former diva Lorna McDavid expects Kelly to do her grocery shopping.

In spite of Mike’s warnings, Kelly is determined to save the runaway girl and her abused mother and find out what’s troubling Joe, even when those things lead back to the drug dealers. Before all the tangles in the neighborhood are untangled, Kelly finds herself wondering who to trust, facing drug dealers, and seeing more of death than she wants. But she also tests upscale hot dog recipes and finds a soft side to the imperious recluse, Lorna McDavid. It’s a wild ride, but she manages, always, to protect her daughters and keep Mike from worrying about her—at least not too much.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2014 3.50