Cupid Rocks

Francesca Hawley knows her fat chicks! She also knows how to write a fabulous paranormal romance. Joe Blackwolf is one sexy, complex shapeshifter. He is in fact a nearly perfect hero and a truly perfect True Mate for the fantastic Mandy Goldwolf. What do I love best about Mandy, well I honestly loved everything about her. The fact that she wasn’t the stereotypical hero made her all the more endearing. I love curvy gals and she is curvy but it doesn’t take center stage for her. That she is larger is just a matter of fact, it plays no more important part than her hair or eye color. Don’t get me wrong, Joe definitely appreciates her curves but she isn’t preoccupied with her size and shape and I found that very refreshing. The author creates a fantastic world with this story and I cannot wait to visit again and again. I’d love to see Mandy’s friend get his own happily ever after. If you are looking for a scorching hot erotic romance with the perfect mixture of seriousness and giggles this is definitely one to pick up. I know I’ll be rereading it over and over again and enjoying it just as much every time I do.

Musician and wolf shifter Joe Blackwolf blows out the candles on the cake for his fortieth birthday and can’t believe his wish comes true when he finds his True Mate. He’s crushed to learn she is the daughter of his bandmates and is already mated. Mandy Goldwolf only wanted to get her mother off her back and tells a little white lie that ends up almost destroying the most important relationship of her life. But life only gets more complicated when things are straightened out; now they have to deal with interfering relatives!

Book Blurb for Cupid Rocks

When her parents’ rock band The Pack performs at a bar, Mandy discovers her True Mate, Joe Blackwolf, the band’s lead singer and guitarist. All she has to do now is convince Joe that she told a little white lie to make her mom happy, convince her father that rock musicians aren’t all alike, and convince her new mate’s family that rockers aren’t all that different from classical musicians.

Joe Blackwolf is celebrating his fortieth birthday. And what he wishes for when he blows out the candles is to find his True Mate. He succeeds when he meets Mandy Goldwolf. At first, he believes her mated to someone else. Finding out the truth leaves him free to explore every inch of her smokin’ hot curves, but Joe and Mandy are neck-deep in overbearing relatives and everyone is in for a rockin’ Valentine’s Day.

A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 4.50