Crimson Debt

Book 1 in the Born to Darkness series

Evangeline Anderson lightens up the darkness with this fantastical vampire tale and creates a grim world I want to visit over and over again. Addison Godwin is so realistic, her mixture of qualities make her all the more appealing. She is such an impressive character and it’s so cool to see her insecurities peak through and not diminish her strength. She is overly protective towards her best friend and her life revolves around her need for revenge and while she is a calm and professional yet she also acts impulsively when her emotions are involved. Alec Corbin is amazingly powerful yet surprisingly gentle when it comes to Addison. I loved the descriptions and details that sometimes clutter the action and pace of a good tale but in this one they were so seamlessly woven in to the storyline that I felt it only added to the portrayal. The supporting cast in this story is absorbing and I cannot wait to read the next book in the series just to see what adventures some of them get up to. I have heartily enjoyed other offerings from this talented author and have come to enjoy her flair and style, I cannot wait to read the next in this new series and highly recommend it to anyone.

Addison Godwin is immune to vampire mind tricks and she can’t be glamored which leads her to work as a government Auditor, an enforcer of vampire law. Four Star Master Vampire, Alec Corbin has been enchanted by Addison from the first moment he sees her but she constantly rebuffs him and makes her hostility towards vampires known. When her best friend, who was turned against her will needs more help than Addison can provide she turns to the powerful vamp and makes a deal that will no doubt change her life as she knows it.

Book Blurb for Crimson Debt

Addison Godwin is a Non-Glam—one of the one in ten thousand humans who is immune to vampire glamour and mind tricks. Her gift enables her to work as an Auditor, enforcing the law that vampires and humans keep their distance from each other except in a purely non-physical way. The law is necessary because when a vampire tries to have sex with a human their blood-lust combines with their sexual appetite and the result looks like road kill.

Alec Corbin is a Four Star Master Vampire with piercing blue eyes and intentions to get Addison into his bed. He promises he can be gentle but Addison has seen way too many vamp/human crime scenes to go for that. She has no interest in the six foot four hunk of sexy vampire man candy, even if he is supernaturally hot.

But just because she Audits (and sometimes executes) vampires for a living, doesn’t mean she hates them all. Her best friend, Taylor, was turned against her will. Now, living as a slave to one of the crueler Master vamps in town, she leads a miserable existence and Addison is helpless to save her within the confines of the law.

Things come to a head when the Vampire Inquisitor comes to town and Taylor is given to him as a sex slave. When Addison sees her best friend tortured, beaten, and burned with silver she knows she has to do something—even if it means teaming up with Corbin and paying the Crimson Debt.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 4.50