Crime Times Two

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Crime Times Two

Wild Crime Book 2

Julie Howard presents an interesting scenario with the suspense story. Meredith is a heroine with an interesting past and I think I might have understood her and her situation more if I’d read the previous book to this. I will admit to being upset for not knowing I should have read the first story. I felt lost and a bit confused as if I was starting a story in the middle, which it seemed I was, so I suggest reading the prior story if you decide to read this one. I was also upset by what I felt was a lack of conclusion. For my taste I was left with too many unanswered questions to be satisfied. This was a story loaded with interesting characters in an even more interesting location. I enjoyed the almost grittiness of her situation and of her friend’s personality. Each of the main characters were developed and entertaining. I was especially fond of Meredith’s daughter with her active mind, curiosity and innocent wonder.

The Story: Meredith is s single mother trying to improve her circumstances by earning college credit. While at the library working, a fellow patron begs for her help and confides he thinks his wife is trying to kill him. When he dies Meredith needs to discover if it was murder.

Book Blurb for Crime Times Two

Meredith knows three things: First, the man in the library begged her to help him. Second, he was afraid of his wife. Third, now he’s dead.

While the evidence first points to a natural death, Meredith is certain there’s more to discover. People are tight-lipped in this small mountain village, and the man’s wife isn't talking either. Then a second death occurs, with remarkable similarities. It’s time to talk about murder.

As a slow-burning relationship heats up in her own life, Meredith struggles with concepts of love and hate, belief and suspicion, and absolution and guilt. Nothing is clear cut…

She must decide: Is guilt, like evil, something you can choose to believe in?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2018 2.50