Courting the Cop

Coleen Kwan weaves together a sweet and sexy contemporary tale with this uniformed hero romance. Abigail is a spunky heroine with a heart of gold and her love of '50s nostalgia is charming and quite fitting for her appealing personality. I loved watching her interacting with her yarn shop patrons and I would love to call her my friend. Detective Brody Donovan is wonderful, he is a typical Alpha male and I loved watching him fall under Abigail's spell. I enjoyed watching Brody trying to figure out his developing feelings for Abigail and seeing him dealing with the ladies at her shop. My favorite scene is one with his mother and I'd love to go in to detail but I do not want to spoil it for you. Over all this is such an enjoyable story and I think it will be one that I definitely read again, because it had me laughing out loud and humming to myself. I'd also love to see Brody's partner get his own adventure. If you like your heroes in uniform, or out of it, and your heroines with huge hearts this is a definite must read.

Criminal behavior in the neighborhood is hurting Abigail's yarn store and she's afraid that if something doesn't change she'll be forced to close down. So when she spots a shoplifter she brings him to ground, literally. Detective Brody Donovan is looking for a suspect when he runs in to Abigail and she provides him with the perfect surveillance spot. Soon he is winding his way into her shop and her heart but his undercover mission was never meant to be permanent. But will Brody end up getting his man and his woman?

Book Blurb for Courting the Cop

Love can hook you before you know it…

Abigail has bigger problems than adjusting to her role as owner of a yarn store she inherited from her aunt. Petty crime is hurting her business, plus that of all the other shops in the area.

When she spots a man stealing an orange from a neighboring store, she doesn’t hesitate to give chase—only to discover the man she’s just tackled to the ground is a cop.

Detective Brody Donovan is about to slap some cuffs on the woman decked out in a yarn costume, when his better sense prevails. Her apartment is the perfect place to set up a stakeout to catch the criminal who wounded his partner. Specifically, her bedroom.

The heat between them unexpectedly fries his concentration, though he can’t figure out why. She’s into ’50s nostalgia. He’s all about his job. She yearns for a man who will court her. He goes through women like tissues.

But when the criminal finally surfaces, Brody realizes too late that he’s dangerously close to losing the one woman he never thought he wanted.

Warning: Contains a commitment-phobic cop, stolen oranges and flirty aprons, and some heartfelt Shim Sham shimmying.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2015 4.50