Cleopatra's Return

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Cleopatra's Return

Eve Langlais once again provides some fabulous wit with her passionate paranormal romance. I always know that this author is going to give me strong and often sassy heroines, heroines who capture my attention as well as the attention of the hero and Cleopatra is so larger than life that she needs two leading men. This woman kicks butt on par with anyone, she's regal yet real!. Michael is the type of hero most romance readers dream about and it's no wonder Cleopatra falls in love with him. Julius took me a little longer to win me over but I could truly understand why she finds him so bloody appealing. If you are looking for a hot and fun quick read then this is a definite go-to pick.

Cleopatra has put in her time in Hell and paid for her mistakes but Satan still doesn't trust her so he boots her out. She finds herself with a second chance and when Cleo is ambushed by demons she finds that she also has a second chance at love as well. Michael loves her and her future looks bright but then her past comes shows up. Julius is a former lover and she doesn't know if she can choose between the two, but who says she has to, after all she's a queen living in the modern world.

Book Blurb for Cleopatra's Return

Once Queen of the Nile, now she's the queen of their hearts--and bodies.

Cleopatra paid her dues in Hell for her mistakes, but Satan thinks she's too dangerous to keep around, so he's kicked her out into the modern world for a second chance.

Ambushed by demons, she is rescued by a dark knight, a vampire with whom she feels an instant connection.

But can she trust him?

For the first time, someone sees past her reputation to the woman. Michael seduces her. Loves her. It should spell happily ever after until Julius shows up.

Face to face with the lover from her past, Cleo is torn. Who to choose? Or can she have them both?

The question of who to share her heart and bed with isn't the only thing plaguing her. Danger stalks and mystery surrounds her existence.

Can this former queen find love in the modern world, or will her past return to destroy her?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2014 4.50