Claiming His Prize

Killer of Kings Book 5

Stacey Espino and Sam Crescent created the ultimate sexy series with the Killer of Kings. This latest instalment showcases just what makes these stories such a success. Chains is such a stoic man and to see him act so out of character because of the effect Lori has on him totally pulled at my heartstrings. I had to wonder if perhaps I had Stockholm syndrome by proxy. But as his past is revealed and his emotions and feelings come to life I couldn’t help but be thankful for his actions.

Lori easily could have been someone to pity but her resilience and her kind heart just made me wish there were more people like her in the world. I loved how easily Chains’ business associates were won over by her and how they wanted to protect her and keep from hurting her feelings with any revelations. For me this was one of those books that I just powered through because I couldn’t get enough and then I was so sad when it was over. I just wanted more because I cannot get enough of this series. I don’t know why I’m surprised but with every adventure I’m pulled deeper into this dark world and completely fascinated and captivated by the stories of the complex men and women who inhabit it. Trust me you’ve got to read this book.

The Story: Chains is a hired killer with amazing control. But when he sees a curvy waitress with obvious signs of abuse his self control snaps and he kidnaps her in order to protect her. Lori’s life hasn’t been an easy one and when she finds herself taken in the dead of night and held captive she’s surprised to find herself treated better than she ever has been before. But can they really have a future together?

Book Blurb for Claiming His Prize

He never planned to take her...

There was something about the waitress with the black eye. She made him remember where he came from, and he knew he couldn't stand back and do nothing. Chains kidnapped her, locked her away for her own damn good. He killed the bastard who left his mark on her. Now he has to face judgement for claiming his prize.

He stole her in the dead of night...

It had been a rough shift at the diner, but the man sitting quietly at the back made Lori feel special. He ordered the pie, made her smile, then walked out of her life. She never expected to see him again, but he came back to take what was his. Chains made her feel valuable despite the chains, loved even though she was his captive. When she's given the chance to run, she can't. He's taken over her body and mind, and she wants more. If only she could save him from what was coming ... because some sins can't go unpunished.

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Be Warned: anal sex

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2018 5.00