Circle of Innocence

Lynda Drews unravels a mystery while sorting out her lead detective’s own unresolved issues. This is a multilayered suspense with a multi-faceted heroine in a beautiful setting that seems to be a lead character all on its own. The detailed descriptions of the surrounding locations left no doubt that the author has spent a lot of time there and transports the readers to this lovely lakeshore setting. This is a story loaded with secrets, including those of Sydney Bernhardt who is a hard nut to crack. She is a strong detective and an interesting character however while there were romantic elements to this tale it was far from a love story and I honestly was expecting more given the tag of love & romance. If you like your mysteries with plenty of emotion and want to be kept guessing until the very end this one is for you.

When Detective Sydney Bernhardt comes across a body while jogging along the shores of Lake Michigan in the “Cape Cod” of Wisconsin, she is determined to uncover some deep dark secrets and uncover the truth about the suspicious death. Along the way she just might clear up some confusion in her own life, that is if a killer doesn’t get her first.

Book Blurb for Circle of Innocence

In Door County--the "Cape Cod" of Wisconsin--evil is lurking...

Detective Sydney Bernhardt hates to admit no male, other than her dog, has crossed her bedroom threshold in nearly two years. As Syd jogs along Lake Michigan's shoreline, she discovers the child-like body of Carli Lacount--the stepdaughter of a local Café owner. This suspicious death sparks Syd into action to uncover the truth behind Carli's sexually confused past--and to reclaim Syd's own life. Is she ready to forgive her spurned lover, attorney Eli Gaudet? Or should she accept the advances of the victim's uncle, who shares a common pain. Then a pre-teen girl matching Carli's physical description is abducted. Syd now struggles to find a connection, probing the murky secrets hidden inside the peninsula and surrounding islands. But as Syd follows this complex trail, she unknowingly becomes both a confidante and prey for that evil.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 3.50