Cinderella and the Duke

The Beauchamp Betrothals #1

Janice Preston spins a fairytale to melt any Regency lover's heart.

Rosalind is nowhere near a docile young miss making her debut in London society. She is a mature woman used to taking charge. Watching her deal with her feelings was an absolute treat. Getting glimpses into Leo's reasoning’s and emotions was delightful. Watching these two who are both lying to each other trying to resolve their attraction was beautiful. I didn't think I could enjoy the story more. But when the setting and location changed I was happier with the outcome than I can describe.

Each and every supporting character was intriguing. All the way from those considered villains and background support to those I cannot help but wish will make their own appearances as story leads as the series continues. This was just the type of love story I was looking for when I picked it out. I enjoyed my escape from everyday life and it left me feeling happy and optimistic.

The Story: When Leo Beauchamp, Duke of Cheriton comes across Rosalind Allen in the country both give false identities and perceptions of themselves. But with each subsequent meeting their feelings and attraction grow. But even if they get past the lies can they get past their own personal prejudices?

Book Blurb for Cinderella and the Duke

Falling for a duke in disguise! 

Never welcomed into society circles, Rosalind Allen gave up her marriage prospects long ago—life has taught her she'll only get hurt. So she's shocked when an encounter with a mysterious stranger makes her long to reconsider… 

Little does Rosalind know that her mystery man is Leo Beauchamp, Duke of Cheriton, traveling in disguise to evade the ladies of the ton! Impoverished Rosalind is the first woman to captivate Leo—but can he persuade this wary Cinderella to trust him with her heart?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2017 4.00