Christmas Revels V

Four Regency Novellas

Hannah Meredith, Kate Parker, Anna D. Allen, and Louisa Cornell create a delightful treat for the holidays with this regency historical romance anthology. Each of these four stories was equally entertaining. I found this unusual because I normally discover there is one story in an anthology I can do with out and one that I want to read over and over again. But with this selection, each and every celebration was both heartwarming and entertaining. Every leading couple was chosen perfectly for the other and all supporting characters added depth and detail to the stories. Each author had their own individual style yet the stories while not connected seemed to flow together for a fantastic continuous read. Each story concentrated on something different than any of the others and yet the holiday themes are each a common thread. Each story gave me plenty of smiles and I also enjoyed a few laugh out loud moments. To be honest a tear or two was shed. Overall this book will be a fabulous gift to Regency fans. If you're anything like me you look forward to the Holiday anthologies and this one is definitely worth the read.

Mr. Hunt’s Christmas Caller – Matthias Hunt wants nothing to do with Christmas festivities until the weather changes and so do his feelings.

The Christmas Gamble – When Lizzie Hancock arrives for her Christmas wedding, the bridegroom is missing, but will a desperate gamble give her what her heart desires?

The Gnome and the Christmas Star – A holiday miracle may be needed for The Earl of Marle and the Dowager Viscountess Lyndon to claim a second chance at happiness.

A Perfectly Ridiculous Christmas – Viscount Keynsham will do anything to ensure his best friend's marriage to a wealthy heiress. However, lying makes for an interesting holiday season of keeping everyone’s stories straight.

Book Blurb for Christmas Revels V

Christmas with the Regency Lords and Ladies is Always Unexpected—So Let the Revels Begin

Mr. Hunt’s Christmas Caller – After his anticipated betrothal falls apart, Matthias Hunt wants nothing to do with Christmas festivities. Yet, when quiet, demure Constance Blackwell unexpectedly gives him a piece of her mind, he wonders why he never considered her. Delivering gifts for her aunt, Constance dreads facing Mr. Hunt in the wake of her hasty words. After years of secretly loving her neighbor, she can hardly expect a Christmas miracle... until the weather changes.

The Christmas Gamble – In exchange for her guardian's gambling debts, Lizzie Hancock is pledged to marry the Earl of Stonebrook, a man she's never met. When she arrives for the Christmas wedding, the bridegroom is missing, the servants are secretive, and a prodigal brother has returned. Could Lizzie gain everything she desires—if she's willing to gamble on love?

The Gnome and the Christmas Star – The Earl of Marle has an uncanny ability to judge political candidates, but he’s a failure in matters of the heart. After years spent caring for her late husband, the Dowager Viscountess Lyndon fiercely clings to her new independence. An unlikely meeting offers them both a second chance at happiness, but a Christmas miracle is needed to claim it.

A Perfectly Ridiculous Christmas – Valerian, Viscount Keynsham will do anything to ensure his best friend's marriage to a wealthy heiress, including claim the man's three young Creole daughters as his own. Lady Catherine Chastleton needs a manageable husband to claim her inheritance. As the children try to keep their stories straight, Christmas will be anything but manageable.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2018 4.00