Christmas Revels II

Four Regency Novellas

Hannah Meredith, Kate Parker, Anna D. Allen and Louisa Cornell gift Regency fans with this lovely holiday offering. The authors definitely warm up the season with these sweet seasonal stories. In The Vicar's Christmas we are introduced to a perfectly capable heroine who for the first time in her life needs a hero. Vicar Henry Ogden isn't the image that first comes to mind when dreaming of heroes, but his steadfast nature is exactly what Margaret Trent needs. It was almost magical witnessing their friendship blossom. I loved that the two lead characters were not typical. In A Christmas Equation we meet a lively young woman trying to hide behind a certain image. Sarah Clendenin caught my attention from the moment she hid in the hopes of accosting Benjamin Radcliff. I wanted to know her secrets as much as Ben did. Watching him trying to win her heart was so much fun. While I am not usually a fan of friends to lovers stories this one had a charming young love twist to it. The lead couple was thoroughly engaging and I couldn't help but hold my breath in hopes that Ben would get his wish. I loved his accomplice and I can only hope I'm that frisky in my golden years. In Crimson Snow reader's encounter one of the strongest heroines they will ever come across. Jane Merrywether is an orphan living under her cruel guardian but she is one of the most generous, giving young women anyone could encounter. When she discovers John Rexford injured and hunted she shows her true strength by recuing him even though she believes she herself may come to harm because of it. John falls as instantly under her spell as I did and it nearly brought me to tears to see how she lived her life. I enjoyed the details in the preparation for the holiday party and the hints at certain untoward things. It was as happy ending for me as it was for the heroine and her leading man. In A Perfectly Unregimented Christmas we meet a troubled man with a sad past. I admit that no matter how grumpily he was portrayed I never once felt irritated at him. My heart cracked for the child he was and the man he became to protect the child inside. Viscount Pennyworth could have easily been overlooked as a Scrooge but instead he was strong with a delicate heart. I actually found myself getting a little upset at Annabelle Winters' treatment of the poor man who only wanted some peace and quiet. She was witty and intriguing and had her own sad past. I rather enjoyed the myriad of characters and animals residing in the Viscount's estate, it added some humor and information to the story. I enjoyed how well the author strung me along and will say that I was utterly surprised at some of the twists in the tale. I truly believe that there is something for every Regency fan in this anthology and a good many readers who will love all four of the stories. Give yourself a gift this holiday and pick this up.

Four lovely stories by four talented authors will have all your Holiday wishes coming true as you experience tales of a mature love, a reunited love, a love shrouded in mystery and a story of love and redemption. It's everything a Regency fan could want for the holidays.

Book Blurb for Christmas Revels II

Let the Revels begin—again! Four new stories with four distinctive voices:

The Vicar's Christmas – Margaret Trent never needs anything or anyone, but when two London solicitors show up on her doorstep, she needs a hero. Enter Henry Ogden, mild-mannered village vicar. Hardly the stuff of heroes . . . until adversity brings out unexpected talents.

A Christmas Equation – A chance meeting between a reluctant viscount and a self-effacing companion revives memories of their shared past—a time when they were very different people. With secrets to keep, Sarah Clendenin wishes Benjamin Radcliff gone . . . but he’s making calculations of his own.

Crimson Snow – A trail of blood drops leads Jane Merrywether to a wounded stranger—the only person standing in the way of her wicked guardian becoming an earl. John Rexford, long-thought dead, has returned to claim his inheritance and his promised bride . . . if he can survive a murderous Christmas.

A Perfectly Unregimented Christmas – After years at war, Viscount Pennyworth returns to his ancestral home to find some peace and quiet and to avoid the holiday he loathes. But four naughty boys, a bonnet-wearing goat, a one-eyed cat, a family secret, and one Annabelle Winters, governess, make this a Christmas he’ll never forget.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2015 4.50