Christmas Bliss

A.S. Fenichel delivers a lovely holiday wonder with this remarkable Regency romance. Emma is a stunning heroine, she touched a chord in my heart and I felt an immediate connection with her. Her bravery and kindness were so genuine that I could not help but root for her to find the champion she so richly deserved. John is perfect for her as she immediately distracts him from his staid life and brings him back to an almost animated existence. I loved Emma’s little brother as he was like a ray of innocent sunshine in every scene he was in. He is such a little charmer. The seriousness of Emma’s situation is more than just a typical plot when it is so evocatively illustrated here in such a no-nonsense yet emotional way. While it might have been disturbing the story itself is heartening and I know I’m going to find myself rereading it every Christmas for the feel-good sensations it gave me. I will definitely be adding this author to my must-read list and am looking forward to the next story.

On a cold December night Emma decides to take her young brother and escape from her domineering, cruel uncle but she doesn’t make it far. The Earl of Compton cannot believe when he comes across two young people in dire straits and when he invites them in to his house he is surprised to discover the young woman is not as young as he thought and that she is his neighbor. He finds himself instantly besotted and proposes in order to rescue her. Will these two give in to fate and find their Christmas bliss?

Book Blurb for Christmas Bliss

Emma is running from a tyrannous uncle bent on killing her young brother, just to gain his fortune. John, the Earl of Compton, is looking for something to change his unfulfilling life. When they meet on a dark street, nothing can change their fate.

John is so instantly smitten and socially inept, he proposes in less than twenty-four hours. Emma’s plight to save her brother has her so shaken, she agrees to the hasty Christmas wedding.

The threats to Emma’s life, and John’s fierce defense of her, demonstrate to both that the match might be more than just a convenient arrangement. If only they can thwart her uncle’s devious assault and live to enjoy each other.

Blush sensuality level: This is a sweet romance (kisses only, no sexual content).

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 4.50