Christmas Al Dente

Southern Pasta Shop Mysteries Novella

Jennifer L. Hart gifts fans with a tasty holiday treat in this seasonal cozy mystery. Andy Buckland is as fascinating as she was the last time around in this story. And while all my favourites from the debut novel make an appearance it was nice to meet a few newcomers. I enjoyed the fact that Andy really wanted to make the holidays special and I wanted it to happen so badly not just for her bur for Jones and all her friends and family. While I love Andy and Jones I just can't get enough of her grandfather and her Great Aunt Cecily the woman cracks me up with her taciturn ways. Without giving away the mini-mystery of the story I will say I was definitely surprised by the revelation in this story and found that instead of an ending it was definitely more of a beginning and I once again cannot wait to see just what Andy and her crew get up to next.

Andy Buckland is determined to have a memorable Christmas with Malcolm Jones and her family but when the family recipe book disappears this wasn't what Andy had in mind. While trying to uncover the book she finds herself uncovering secrets, can she settle everything and still serve up a spectacular Christmas?

Book Blurb for Christmas Al Dente

‘Tis the season for pasta and mayhem.

Andy Buckland is determined that nothing will interrupt her first Christmas with Malcolm Jones and her last holiday spent in her childhood home. When the family recipe book disappears from the Bowtie Angel, and Aunt Cecily threatens to put “The Eye” on the entire population of Beaverton if it isn’t returned, Andy and Jones decide to put the eggnog on hold for a little old fashioned sleuthing. But as one secret leads to another and rumors are served up along with hot buttered penne, Andy can’t shake the suspicion that her life is about to change forever.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2016 4.00