Change of Address

Christmas Surprises

Kate Dolan presents readers with a quirky and sweet seasonal Regency. Amanda is a solid heroine with some complexities that take her beyond the typical young miss of the day. I liked how her thoughts and actions changed due to her circumstances. Charles is a sweet young man who reminds me slightly of a protective puppy who can one minute roll over for a belly rub and in the next growl and chase off danger. I loved the supporting characters in this story and would love to see any and all of them make a reappearance in their own adventures. Amanda’s young sister won over my heart with her exuberance and vigour. With a gentle and humorous touch the author touches on some very serious subject matters and she actually brought me to tears and then subsequently had me laughing out loud. I felt the story ended a little abruptly and I would love to have seen more. I’m looking forward to reading more from this author as I enjoy her style and quirky characters.

When Amanda, her mother and young sister move from their large family home after the death of her father the young miss is not happy with her circumstances. When Amanda first meets her landlord’s son Charles, she believes he isn’t very clever. Soon circumstances have the young couple getting to know each other rather well and perhaps this holiday will bring romance with it.

Book Blurb for Change of Address

Amanda, her young sister and her unconventional mother move to a small house in a remote village just before Christmas—and discover it lacks furniture and everything else they need. Charles, son of the local squire, bursts in to rescue them when he mistakes smoke from the clogged chimneys as a house fire. When she realizes his father is their landlord, Amanda drafts Charles into helping them, and he willingly complies with the requests of the beauty.

As the acquaintance between the families deepens, Amanda comes to realize that Charles may not be quite as bacon-brained as she assumed. When he rescues her from a drunken man, she then has to conspire with him to prevent worse consequences—all on Christmas Eve.

Blush sensuality level: This is a sweet romance (kisses only, no sexual content).

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 3.50