Chalk Lines & Lipstick

Maren Colepepper Mysteries, #1

Ophelia London introduces fabulous new sleuth with this fun adventure. Maren CoIepepper kept me giggling throughout this story and I couldn't wait to see just what would happen next. The fact that she seemed to be a bit of a klutz was the only thing we had in common but I felt a connection with her and just wanted everything to turn out right for her. She has flaws and she has skills which combined made her quite the interesting character. In fact everyone in this story was so well developed and brought to life that it was indeed a pleasure meeting each and every one of them. I don't want to give anything away as far as the two men in her life go but it was definitely entertaining to watch her dealing with both them, her family and her new job. This was a fast and fun read that was just the perfect way to relax from a stressful day and I highly recommend it if you like your cozy with a wonderfully drizzly setting and a fabulously fizzly romance. I certainly hope this isn't the only case she and her partner work on together because they not only have chemistry but crime-fighting skills.

New York City success story Maren Colepepper returns to her small northern California home with her tail almost between her legs. She might not have the glamorous lifestyle from the big city but she's determined to be the best reporter her tiny town has seen. She just didn't expect to get shot at on her first day and she really didn't expect to suspect the two new sexy men in her life. Can she get the story while keeping her life and heart intact?

Book Blurb for Chalk Lines & Lipstick

From USA Today bestselling author Ophelia London comes a brand new mystery series that will have you laughing out loud...

Maren Colepepper thought she had it all: a career at a fashion magazine, a successful boyfriend, and a glamorous New York lifestyle. She thought wrong. When her glamorous life suddenly goes belly up, Maren finds herself forced to take the only job she can find at a small town newspaper in the tiny northern California hometown she fled ten years ago.

While Maren expected her new job in no-wheres-ville to kill her with boredom, She never expected to be front row to a shooting on her very first day! Worse yet, Maren is knocked unconscious at the scene, and when she comes to, the body has gone missing and she's been scooped by another reporter. Talk about a bad first impression. Now Maren is hot on the trail of the story of a lifetime, involving a shady lumber mill and the foresting of old-growth redwoods—a ginormous crime in her neck of the woods! Between her suddenly flirty new editor, her supremely hot new neighbor, and a lovably meddling family, Maren find small town life anything but boring. But if she can't find the shooter before he strikes again, it may even become deadly!

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2015 4.00